Welcome to the page of ByMarcellus. Art direction, Photograpghy and SEO online sales advice. Its a strange combination but that the thee I produce.

Before I started my first enterprise 11 years ago I was a business consultant for the national telecom company.  But after 3 years of mergers and re-organizations it was time to follow my passion. TV, film and photography. So I started the first online TV station back in 2002. From there our production company existed where I directed a lot of TV ads and other short films. The production company is still growing merely in the event business nowadays.

But it was time to follow my passion again and so I started to re-invent my photography skills. So uber cool to put all my passion and art in it. And of course the never ending learning curve. Courses, workshops and as many shoots as I could do brought me back on the level that I can sell my work. But what a strange combination: business consultant, director, entrepreneur and passionate photographer.